Monday, March 8, 2010

Spring Colors for Cottage Style Furniture

Our color inspiration here at the Pink Pig for Spring came from a recent treasure hunt I spoke about on an earlier post. A former Bed & Breakfast here in the Adirondacks was filled with bedrooms full of antique Cottage Furniture in this perfect shade of pale green.


I remember walking from bedroom to bedroom hoping to find more treasures. I caught a glimpse of myself from a dresser mirror and realized that I had a big smile on my face. I chuckled because it was the upbeat and happy color of these wonderful pieces of a bygone era that really made me smile.

Beautiful beds....charming dressers...small side tables, all in this most perfect shade of green. I took all these treasures back to the shop and decided that I would leave these pretty finds untouched from painting to keep their sense of style through this amazing color.

I love this shade of green as a way to add a splash of color in any room. As I glanced around the shop, I realized I managed to fill it with other finds in a variation of this same happy this Faith, Hope & Charity Sign.

French Floral Pillows on a dreamy white sofa.

A beautiful hand-painted Torchiere lamp, my wicker front porch settee or even my vintage green glass bottles which I use for display.

A ribbon necklace done in hushed teal with pale brown trim - rough aquamarine stones dangle below and can be worn as a necklace or wrapped around your wrist as worn as a bracelet.

Vintage tin heart ornament made using antique ceiling tin adorned with an vintage crystal chandelier prism and then hung on a pretty matching ribbon.

Imagine this - coming from a gal who names her shop the Pink Pig. Anyway my new color inspiration this Spring is green and I welcome your thoughts and comments on what your favorite decorating color is and how you use it for inspiration in your home.