Monday, March 2, 2015

Adding Vintage Style into your Modern Home Decor

The trick to implementing some farmhouse decorating into your home is to find some favorite pieces that spark all kinds of inspiration. Utilizing some key vintage pieces into your home allows you to achieve an entire connection between the old, new and vintage aspirations within every room. Swap out those brand new throw pillows for some printed versions to kick off the new look you're going for. You can even stop with those same throw pillows and still feel like your interior has been thoroughly rejuvenated with vintage style. Some key farmhouse decor options to consider that require very little work to complete the appeal include a new couch, or accent tables; rustic kitchen decor, chic milk jugs as vases or even a vintage sign on the wall. Change out some old with an even older look.
Just a Touch or a Trending Takeover
With the previous said, you most certainly want to determine just how much time and money you want to invest into your new aspired look. Chances are, you'd rather do less work for less money, and that is the incredible thing about vintage style. You can recreate an entire new appeal with just a touch of accents and trending decor. There's no need to pain every wall, purchase all brand new furniture or hire a demolition team to kick off some home renovations. So, determine just how much time you want to spend; just a touch or a handful of trends. Either way, you get a new look for so much less than if you were trying to achieve other interior decorating themes.
The Key of Contrasts
Sometimes, less really is more, and vintage style home decor proves that to be true. A household full of vintage furniture, art pieces, rugs, curtains with no modern accents could come off tacky instead of tacky. The key to

achieving the vintage appeal to to take advantage of contrasting the new with the old. It's a surefire way to add the chic charm to the vintage modern theme without going too far back in history. Incorporate some old with the new; squares with rounds, rough with smooth, weathered against brand new, color against neutral... And well, you get the picture. Surrounding your contemporary kitchen table with vintage style chairs, or table top accents is an excellent example to get you sparked with some inspiration. Compliment your massive modern sleigh bed with two side accent tables that have the weathered look. Top the tables with elegant frames filled with love and laughter, and you're ready to dominate this old style of new trends.
There are so many ways for you to dip your hand into the gorgeous blend of chic modern style with vintage style home decor. As soon as you find those key pieces, determine how much time you want to put into your new interior ideas and discover ways to take advantage of the contrasts within your home, the rest will follow.


Saturday, February 21, 2015

How to Make Your Antiques Shine

Whether you scored big at an antique mall, inherited a priceless piece from your grandmother, or purchased something from Pink Pig, incorporating antiques into your home decor can sometimes be challenging, especially if your design aesthetic tends to be modern. Here are a few ways that you can make your antiques the star of the show without compromising your style.
Think Outside the Box
There is no steadfast rule that says you have to use an item the way it was intended for. In fact, breaking away from the ordinary is one of the most effective ways to create an inspiring space. For example, an antique dresser can make a stunning sideboard in your dining room, and think of all of the extra storage!                                    

Make it Match
While sometimes the worn-down touches on an antique are part of its charm, other times, it’s the bones of the piece that are the prize. In this case, don’t be afraid to repaint, reupholster, or renovate the item so that it fits in flawlessly with your existing furniture.
Work Around It
After you have found the perfect location for your new find, it’s time to make sure it doesn’t look out of place. If you already have a shabby-chic or traditional home, this will not take much work. However, if you are working with a contemporary space, you will need to switch out some of your accessories to make the room more cohesive. Get new throw pillows adorned with flowers or find some antique vases to incorporate into the table’s centerpiece.
Finding amazing antiques is only part of the equation. Once you tweak them a little bit here and update a few things there, that's when they really steal the show.


Friday, January 31, 2014

4 Antique Shopping Rules To Live By

Antique Shopping..

When you are looking for a unique way to add charm and personality to your space, antiques are the way to go. Each one is flawless in its own right, and when placed correctly, will finish off your home decor with perfection. However, it’s not as black and white as it seems. When you are shopping for antiques, there are a few things that you need to keep in mind.
Don’t Go Crazy
While one or two antiques will bring warmth and style to your home, too many of them will make your home look like a museum instead of a showroom (which you do not want!). Your best bet is to stick to one major item from that past in each room (no more than three), and keep the rest of your decor more on the modern side.
Quality Matters
One of the best things about decorating with antiques is that they are usually made to last (which is why they are still around). Artisans from the past really knew how to make a product, and you can benefit from their skills. Specifically, you will want to search for items that are almost impossible to find (unless you want mass-produced) these days, like handcrafted pottery and hand-blown glass.
Buy for Now
If you find the antique of your dreams, but it needs a touch up here and a recreation there, you are better off to keep looking. Face it, unless you are especially handy or searching for a project, you will probably never get around to fixing it up, wasting a perfectly good antique.
Use Your Imagination
Most importantly, when shopping for antiques, remember that you do not have to take them for their face value. Some of the most extraordinary pieces are being used for something they were not intended for (think large, rustic vase as an umbrella stand, or vice versa).


Thursday, June 6, 2013

Display your Tole Trays!

We love displaying these pretty hand-painted Tole Trays in the shop.  

Large Tole Tray

Tole is a French term -  Tole peinte du lac, which means painted tin.  John Hanbury of Wales began producing tin trays and as the demand grew where ship to Europe and America.

Different floral styles for different parts of the particular countries.. 

Pennsylvania has a very Dutch Art style with lots of tulips.  In the early days, most tinware was painted with a red background with yellow and green for accents.

Collectible or not .. we love these pretty hand-painted vintage Tole Trays as they make perfect display pieces all with a story to tell I'm sure!

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

As Seen In...

Seen in Veranda and Southern Living Magazines and now seen at the Pink Pig!

We love and will always continue to love the classic clothing line by Claridge + King.  Their feminine twist on a look inspired by menswear clothing and fabrics is worth a look.  Leave that old boyfriends white shirt behind  as their take on a  crisp white oxford is a classic staple in any women's wardrobe.

  • Less boxy than his shirts
  • Longer length
  • Mother-of-pearl buttons
  • Two-button rounded cuffs
  • Packaged in their pewter-striped boudoir-sized pillow sham

Their Tailored Shirt Dress recently featured in Veranda Magazine.  Throw on your favorite scarf and you are good to go.  We love it!

Chambray Shirts... Reversible Leggings.... Fabulous Sweaters you can pair with your favorite jeans... I could go on and on about this fabulous line from two gals who definitely have classic, chic, practical and wearable down pat. 

Chambray Shirt

Patch Sweater
View our collection of Claridge + King... a fabulous line we can't live without at Pink Pig to find more ideas on how to put this classic line in your wardrobe. 

Friday, October 19, 2012

Call Me!

It doesn't matter what version of the iPhone you currently have, you always need a stylish case to go with it. Luckily, Pink Pig found a great French designer- Evy Levy of Disco Noir  out there and we've decided to show you her take on stylish Lambskin Leather iPhone pouches.  We can assure you there's a case for all types of fashion lovers, so check out our chic selection and grab your favorite today.

Disco Noir wants you to protect your phone and do so stylishly. The French design house presents an envelope-style iPhone case sized to fit in a purse, but elegant enough to carry solo. Crafted of silky smooth lambskin, we bet you’ll choose to keep it in hand and on hand at all times. 

Mint Lambskin iPhone Case
iPhone Leather Case

iPhone Case Blue Suede
Electric Blue Suede Case

Black Sea iPhone Case
Black Sea Case with Brazilian Bracelet

Silver Leather iPhone Case
Chic iPhone Case Silver

Affordable and Chic, find more by this special designer at our shop in Essex, NY or