Thursday, April 19, 2012

Pinterest Shows Vintage Style, Pink Pig Provides It

Have you heard of Pinterest? Odds are you have because millions of people are using this online pin board that allows you to gather pictures of your ideal wedding, dream home, and recipes you’d like to try. These are just a few ways people are using this social media.
The reason we bring it up is because many of the pictures are of unique, timeless, and beautiful things that reminds us of our own Pink Pig products. The pictures on our site have that Pinterest feel of eye pleasing and chic.
Pinterest has plenty of vintage style on display and Pink Pig is the place you can purchase products that match that style. For instance you can look up vintage bedrooms on Pinterest and discover pictures that users are updating every day.
Find something you like in a picture that you want to incorporate into your vintage bedroom and search for it on Pink Pig. Say you like a romantic duvet cover in picture on Pinterest, then you can search our site for romantic duvet covers you can  actually purchase for your bedroom.
Our products won’t be the same as the ones on the online pin board but that’s okay because we strive to offer unique and high quality products at a great value. Pinterest isn’t a catalog to purchase things; it’s more like Better Homes and Gardens magazine that allows you to generate ideas for your home.
Use the site to generate ideas on vintage style ranging from furniture to fashion and when you find something you want to incorporate into your life turn to us to purchase something similar and more often than not better.
When you leave Pinterest and come back to us we’ll have all the vintage products you’re looking for whether it is furniture like classic end tables or fashion like chic and trendy totes.
If you love Pinterest you’ll love our site or vice versa. Contact us to find vintage style products similar to ones you find on the online pin board. Our site also has plenty of attractive photos; you’re sure to see something that would look better in your home versus in just a picture.