Thursday, February 2, 2012

Vintage Jewelry for Valentines Day

With Valentine’s Day quickly approaching, now is the perfect time to fall in love with vintage jewelry. Whether looking for an idea to suggest as a gift, the perfect gift to get or just something to show yourself a little love, antique jewelry is the perfect solution.   
Pink Pig carries the one of a kind and timeless jewelry of Gigi & James. Founder Jamie Anderson collects antique jewelry from across the world and modifies it using semiprecious gemstones, vintage beads and African beads. The results are elegant pieces that can be worn for any occasion in today’s world. Content customers of Gigi & James wear a stylish piece of the past that won’t be found anywhere else.

Creative and stylish bracelets, earrings and necklaces from other passionate designers can be found under the jewelry section of the site. Beth of Beth Quinn Designs  reflects her love for the old, worn
and shiny in the jewelry she creates. She combines these textures to create pieces that often carry beautiful messages and are cherished for years. Blee Inara founder Ivonne Kino also strives to make
jewelry people find meaning in. Ivonne reflects the perfect combination of design, comfort, and beauty, all inspired by a sense of harmony, bliss, goodwill and peace in the jewelry she creates.
So instead of buying just any jewelry this Valentine’s Day, and the days to come, purchase beautiful and thoughtful jewelry with heart and soul. Contact us to discover the wonderful pieces that are waiting here for you.