Thursday, September 29, 2011

It's Time to Decorate Your Home for Fall

As the trees display their vibrant colors and the air turns crisp and cool, fall can be a season of change for the inside of your home as well.
Whether it's a matter of adding some throw pillows, finally having the time to do some repairs, or painting an entire room, we found this article with some great ideas from three home decorating experts.
That back-to-school vibe is in the air, and even if you're not a student, you might want to create a space for reading or pursuing a hobby. Any quiet alcove or area can work. If possible, utilize natural light. For example, a window seat makes a perfect reading niche:
If you don't have one, pull a large, comfy chair up near a window with a small side table that can hold your laptop or a book and mug of hot coffee. If the table has a drawer, you can keep necessary items on hand. Otherwise, keep a decorative bin or basket nearby.
For painting or accessorizing, you can't go wrong with classic fall colors like gold, burnt orange or brown. Autumn flowers such as mums, or even a branch from a maple tree can be displayed inside or out to add a splash of bright color and enhance your decor.
When making design changes, don't forget the big picture. After a busy summer of wear and tear, your home might need some touch ups. Maybe door frames or baseboards are scuffed, the floor needs to be polished, or carpets are in need of cleaning.
Finally, fall reminds us that the upcoming holiday season is not far away. Now is a great time to polish silverware and prepare your dining room for any entertaining you have planned.
In the midst of your fall decorating, check out Pink Pig where you can find unique furniture, home decor, and accessories that reflect your personal style. Contact us for more information or to find that perfect fall accessory for your home.

Happy Fall from the Pink Pig!

Saturday, September 24, 2011

Country Chic Living

You don't need a home in the country to crave a rustic country appeal. Whether you’re partial to antiqued wood finishes, subdued prints or well-worn accessories with an antiqued-aesthetic, there’s always a certain charm that comes with this design scheme. Bring that casual elegance into your home with our unique collection of furniture, accessories and decor  that will bring a cool country chic feel into your home.
French Horse Print
Metal Bin Cabinet

Oval Wooden Mirror

Our new selection of linens and kitchen wares by Cote Bastide embodies the essence of an understated style, good living and a taste of French Country Living.
Linen Table Runner
Cote Bastide Olive Tray

If you truly crave a country weekend... then jump in that SUV and head up to the Adirondack's. Visit the Pink Pig in our new location in the historic town of Essex, NY.  I promise you Fall is in the air and you will be inspired by our wonderful countryside and all is has to offer. 

Thank you for stopping by and i hope you will visit us again soon as we find more way's to bring some Country Chic Living to you!

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Shabby Chic Pillows & Quilts

Hi all! Iím Jennifer and I write for Arcadian Home Decor, a site that chronicles the work of top interior designers and home decor trends around the world. I've been writing about home decor since graduating university and have loved it ever since. I'm addicted to patterned fabrics, Jonathan Adler, chaise lounges, old doors, milk glass jars, antiques, and chandeliers. The Pink Pig blog is always full of delightful surprises, and I'm so happy to be guest posting here today. Thanks Debbie Schrodt - and don't forget to check out her incredible store in Westport, New York!

Shabby chic evokes a sense of nostalgia - all those incredible patterns, soft shades and whimsical
home accessories add instant elegance and character to any space. Today, original pillows and quilts in delicate shabby chic styles can be found at flea markets as well as revamped in modern designs at big-box stores. Here are eight shabby chic pillows and quilts to fall in love with.

Pillows and Quilts

Pretty in pink via†Shabby Chic Tips

A subtle floral print of pink, white and mint green looks lovely with butterfly wall art and an antique end table topped with a pink and white lamp.
Pillows and Quilts

Beautiful blend via†Like I Things

A shabby chic quilt is draped over an array of modern bedding layers, while vintage furnitures lend a deliciously dated feel to the space.
Pillows and Quilts

Mod magenta via†Apartments I Like

This contemporary spin on the traditional uses a shabby chic motif in avant-garde colours like magenta and lime green. The painted headboard and floating end table complete the look.
Pillows and Quilts

Shabby for baby via†Project Nursery

There's something oh-so-sweet about a shabby chic nursery such as this, with the tree-printed quilt and accent pillows. Two birds-in-flight wall art decals add some playfulness.
Pillows and Quilts

Boutique hotel chic via†The Home Decorating Company

The wrought-iron antique furniture and brushed copper table lamp give this bedroom a decidedly dated feel - the sleek material of the bedding along with frilly edging are a mix of old and new.
Pillows and Quilts

Classic rosebuds via†Shopperhive

A loft bedroom is perfection when outfitted in a traditional pink, red and white rosebud pillow and quilt - the pale blue is mimicked in the table decorations and curvy wall mirror.
Pillows and Quilts

A pretty party via†Moodboard

A solid white canopy bed flanked with paper stars, pink and white shabby chic bedding and newly-wrapped presents make this space worthy of celebration.
Pillows and Quilts

Ornate organics via†Paul's Home Fashions

The vintage patterned pillows, bed skirt and quilt in hearty earth tones are a contemporary twist on the original.

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Friday, September 9, 2011

Vintage Home Decor

Romantic Bedding
Imagine plush romantic bedding atop an antique wrought-iron bed, soft light glowing from a vintage style lamp. Decorative pillows and country antiques tastefully decorate the room. A quiet country breeze moving gently through the room. An oasis in an otherwise extremely busy life.
It's always so nice to get away from reality and stress and to have a place where you can just let your cares fade into the background. For many people, a trip away from the city and out to the country is a very popular stress reliever. However, if weekend getaways to the B & B in the countryside aren't a possibility, how about bringing some of that comfort into your home instead?

Industrial Drum Lighting

Shabby Chic Decor

Industrial Bin Cabinet

Alena Votive
Horseshoe Candelabra
Pink Pig Westport can help you turn your home into that country cottage. Our shop has a wide variety of eclectic home furnishings and decor. Pink Pig also carries a vintage clothing line and jewelry.  Our jewelry is just as beautiful and unique as the home decor items we offer. The clothing is very fashionable and comfortable as well. Just one more thing to help you relax after a hectic day. To top it off, Pink Pig offers a luxurious line of bath soaps, lotions and aromatic candles to treat yourself with as well.
Farmhouse Table
Pink Pig Westport's furniture offers a very simple style that allows you to accessorize with your favorite throw pillow or blanket. We have a wide variety of chairs, dining tables, and beds to choose from as well as some side tables.
     This is just a small taste of what is we have to offer at Pink Pig Westport, come visit our store, or you can shop online at Our new location in Essex, New York is now open year round.   So come and visit us and we will help you transform your home into what you have always dreamed of!
"Create your vision of vintage modern decor with faint wisps of yesteryear through well-placed vintage shabby chic cottage accents."


Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Bathed In Style

 Free Standing tubs of the Victorian era will add elegance and panache to any bathroom whether historic or contemporary.

Here is a new addition to the Pink Pig -  This is an original Circa. 1890's tin tub that has been completely finished with a new look by our shop.   The outside layer of tin has been powder coated in a pale shade of blue. It has an inside sheet of 12 oz. copper with the original nickel plating. The rim is made of Cherry Wood.  This beautiful Victorian bath tub was made by the Steel Clad Bath Co., of New York as shown in this original ad below.

Nothing defines your bathroom more than a pretty rug.  Here is my favorite from Peacock Park which is a bamboo mat with French script... Pretty yes?

Some vintage style bath accessories like our towel bars and soap dish.
Cote Bastide beautifully woven white cotton hand towel with fringing makes drying hands an absolute pleasure.  White towel with blue stripe for a simple, stylish bathroom statement. 

Our new Damask Collection by our favorite Uptown Soap Company features new wonderful scents in soap and luxurious body cream.

Come visit us as we show you more ways to Bath In Style!

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Home Decorating by "Undecorating

Christiane Lemieux, founder of bedding company DwellStudio, says it's time to undecorate your house to let your personality shine through. In her new coffee table book, "Undecorate," Lemieux encourages DIY designers to throw out the conventional approach to filling up your living space in favor of buying pieces you love.  Gone are the pillows that match the sofa that matches the rug.  Rustic cottage furniture in your downtown loft?  Absolutely. Lemieux explains her concept in an interview with So Haute:
How did you land on the title Undecorate?
It really says exactly what I am getting at in the book.  I really believe we look at interior design and decor in a more fluid way these days…we do things ourselves and the project is never really done. It’s never really decorated. We also – through blogs and social media – invite each each other in and work together and decorate together. It’s always an evolving process.
Your book refers to undecorating as a movement…what do you think it is about this effortless style that resonates with people?
I think there are no barriers to entry. If you love something – you can make it work in your interior.  We shot to the most amazing place in Chicago where the owners Heidi and Art lived with their Jaguar cars…it was gorgeous.  The cars functioned like sculptures.
What do you think is the key to achieving an “undecorated” look?
I think it’s personal.  Don’t follow rules – follow your instincts.  Do the things you like and it will come together.  Undecorating is about soul and personality.
So, now you are officially free to forget your grandmother's traditional home decorating rules and pave your own path.  We have just the right pieces to get you started. Visit us at the store or online to find your own undecorating style.
Painted vintage wicker, anyone?