Thursday, November 3, 2011

Creative Decorating Tips Using Candles For Home Decor

Home Decor For the Cottage or Cabin
As the cooler weather blows in and the sun dips earlier in the day, why not decorate your cottage, cabin or home with candles adding warmth and ambiance to the space.  Fall is the perfect time to collect colorful leaves outside and harness their warmth when decorating with candles.  For example, you could use our mirrored winery tray to display leaves or flowers in red, yellow and orange with short amber or chocolate colored candles.  To maintain your vintage style, tie velvet, satin or other rich material around the candle and secure with a favorite brooch.  The mirrored tray will capture and reflect the light, creating an inviting centerpiece on the dining room table.

Using special items around the house for unique and unexpected uses is a great way to show off your creativity!  Look for an urn, a finial or a pedestal bowl  to place on a table in your entrance or foyer to welcome guests with the smell of cinnamon.  If using a clear container, fill with acorns or cranberries first, then using wooden florist wire as sticks, attach fruits of the season and fill in with flowers.  Surround your tall container with pedestal candle holders with cinnamon scented candles.  Greeting guests with fragrances of the season adds a nice touch to any home decor.

If you just can't let go of summer yet, fill your garden bistro table with fall leaves and pine cones and place votive candles in between.  To keep everyone cozy, bring out your blankets or throws, like this Kantha Throw.

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