Friday, October 21, 2011

Bringing Antiques into Your Home Decor

Bringing Antiques into Your Home Decor

When decorating your home there are many different ways you can incorporate antiques and unique pieces, giving your home a personal touch that’s just right. Never considered adding antiques into your home decor? Here are five easy ways you can start:

Picture something you remember from your childhood visits to the local farm or to your grandmother’s home. Old wooden shoe molds, pottery of all sizes and shapes, old bottles, quirky salt and pepper shakers, or delicate lace doilies are wonderful collectibles that can be showcased in your home in interesting ways.  Group them together for the greatest impact. With the holidays approaching, look for items that can be part of your seasonal decor as well.

Do you love the colors, designs, and textures of old fabrics? Bring a few into your current home decor by adding decorative pillows made from old quilts or blankets to your sofa. Delicate pieces of cloth or even small articles of baby clothing can be framed behind glass and grouped together in a display. Have fun finding old clothing items that can be displayed in various rooms. We love to see beautiful silk gloves displayed on a dresser top or an old hat peeking out from a shelf.

Do you love color in your home? Or do you enjoy the peaceful feeling of ivory or off-white? Find treasures in antique stores or from your family heirlooms that bring out the colors you already love in your home. A collection of creamy-colored vases is both soothing and functional, while a bright yellow-hued collection of pitchers brings a vibrant splash of color to your kitchen.

A”Wow” Item
Sometimes there is one amazing piece yo u just can’t pass up. Whether it’s an old butter churn, an interesting side table, or a large piece of antique poster art, make it a high-impact item in one room of your home. By focusing attention on one great piece the feel of the whole room can change.

Antique Meets Modern
Some people feel that antiques and modern pieces don’t get along with each other. They certainly can! Mixing pieces from the past with sleek, modern items brings interest and depth to your home decor. A chunky distressed-wood kitchen table looks amazing with shiny, polished, and modern stainless steel serving bowls and platters. A group of antique kitchen implements can bring a homey touch to a sleek new kitchen remodel.

Ready to give it a try? Let Pink Pig help you find some wonderful items to add to your home decor. Stop by and visit us in person, or contact us for help finding your home decorating treasures.