Thursday, September 1, 2011

Home Decorating by "Undecorating

Christiane Lemieux, founder of bedding company DwellStudio, says it's time to undecorate your house to let your personality shine through. In her new coffee table book, "Undecorate," Lemieux encourages DIY designers to throw out the conventional approach to filling up your living space in favor of buying pieces you love.  Gone are the pillows that match the sofa that matches the rug.  Rustic cottage furniture in your downtown loft?  Absolutely. Lemieux explains her concept in an interview with So Haute:
How did you land on the title Undecorate?
It really says exactly what I am getting at in the book.  I really believe we look at interior design and decor in a more fluid way these days…we do things ourselves and the project is never really done. It’s never really decorated. We also – through blogs and social media – invite each each other in and work together and decorate together. It’s always an evolving process.
Your book refers to undecorating as a movement…what do you think it is about this effortless style that resonates with people?
I think there are no barriers to entry. If you love something – you can make it work in your interior.  We shot to the most amazing place in Chicago where the owners Heidi and Art lived with their Jaguar cars…it was gorgeous.  The cars functioned like sculptures.
What do you think is the key to achieving an “undecorated” look?
I think it’s personal.  Don’t follow rules – follow your instincts.  Do the things you like and it will come together.  Undecorating is about soul and personality.
So, now you are officially free to forget your grandmother's traditional home decorating rules and pave your own path.  We have just the right pieces to get you started. Visit us at the store or online to find your own undecorating style.
Painted vintage wicker, anyone?