Thursday, July 28, 2011

How To Pull Off Statement Pieces

Do you ever walk by that occasionally style-confused person and think “Great idea, but bad execution?”

As someone who likes to generally play it safe, I can attest to the fact that it is challenging to go out on a limb. Yes, my closet is filled with neutral colors, but what keeps things interesting in my wardrobe are statement pieces—the oh-so-spontaneous bursts of color that keep me saying, “Yes, I work in a cubical, but I do have a life.”

The key to wearing statement pieces successfully is to not overdo it. If you have a chunky necklace, opt for something subtler to pair with it like stud earrings or a thin, dainty bracelet. Similarly, hand diamond-shaped chandelier earrings are the perfect addition to a solid dress or blouse, but leave the necklace at home. I love oversized rings, but wear them as a single piece; two or more, especially on one hand, creates chaos. Layering bracelets is an ongoing trend, and what makes pairing bracelets so simple is that you can dress them up or down.

Pair colored, beaded bracelets with a trendy fedora for the weekend, or mix and match bangles for a fun boho look. Try a gold or silver cuff for a night out.

Patterned flowers, rhinestones, and oversized bows—these are all trends that have turned the bad hair day into a chic look. Headbands, hats and other hair accessories are appropriate in their own way, but be mindful of the way you wear them. Just like a hat doesn’t go with a pencil skirt, so a sunflower clip doesn’t compliment a cocktail dress. Instead, opt for a rhinestone bobby pin when on the job, and a funky, chick headpiece for a night out.

Scarves, in my opinion, are the absolute perfect accessories, and the great thing about them is that they are acceptable year-round. A colorful, flower print scarf gives any classic or ordinary outfit a sassy twist. The truth is you don’t have to be a trendsetter to have an up-to-date style, simple, bold accessories are just the trick to make a statement!

Leslie Herring is a senior at the University of Oklahoma, where she is studying journalism writing as well as health and exercise science. In addition to campus involvement and extracurricular activities, she is working towards a career in magazines.