Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Summer Linen Luxury For Your Bed

Romantic Bedding Collection
Summer is the perfect time to make a change with new bedding linens.  At the Pink Pig we love crisp white bedding for any decorating style.  View our Summer Collection of Romantic Bedding in pretty soft 110% cotton muslin bedding with layers of ruffles. We are also thrilled to feature Brahms Mount's exquisite line of cotton throws and linen day blankets. Each design is a masterpiece to throw in the car or on the couch, and most importantly to throw on your shoulders and snuggle in. Adults, too, deserve a security blanket! With Brahms Mount's variety of patterns, natural fibers and vibrant color palettes, there is sure to be a day blanket, personal and perfect, for everyone.  Duvets, Boudoir Pillows, Cases and Shams. Romantic, French and modern bedding styles co-exist happily and set apart your bedroom decor as your own!                       
Je Taime Pillow Set
Coverlet by When Lindy Met Sandy

Iconic linen/cotton day blankets are great to use at the beach, on the boat, picnicking, lounging on the patio or poolside.  Here are our favorite picks by Brahms Mount...
Linen/Cotton Day Blankets

Brahms Mount Day Throws

These are subtle and inexpensive ways to carry one theme or design through all the seasons and i hope you will visit our shop to view more of our affordable quality bed linens for your humble abode.

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