Sunday, April 3, 2011

Our Favorite Picks for Sunday Lounging

Here is my take on Sunday mornings...  I usually start off with a great cup of coffee and proceed to the couch with the Sunday NY Times.  

I love to lounge on Sunday's......
Ebbtide Day Blanket

I so look forward to Sunday as it's a downtime day for me.  A day to recharge - catch up on what's really going on in this crazy world we live in... catch up with friends and make some notes to myself.... 

Leather Journal

Papaya Art
Moshi Handset

I leave the day also as a day i spend with my Mom.   She loves to bake so with our kitchen renovation now complete - we both can now spend the afternoon in the kitchen making a batch of cookies... chocolate chip for the hubby of course... 

tea towels

Well i am off to spend more of this day with family...... Enjoy your Sunday!