Thursday, February 3, 2011

Cherubs Anyone?

Chalkware Statue

I love cherubs... i really do. They make me smile, make me happy and i always have a hard time saying no when i am out searching for antique treasures for the shops.

With Valentine's Day approaching, I decided to pull out a few from my collection to admire - and thought i would share a few with you. So here it goes.... The Pink Pig's Collection of tiny darling cherubs..........

German Porcelain Clock

Chippy Candleholders
Cherub Shell Statue
Cherub Oil Painting
Metal Plaque
Cherub Lamp

Brass Towel Holder

Tea Towel

Oh my treasures go one and on and i hate to part with them... but these pretty cherubs are all for sale at my shops. So if you are looking to add one to your collection then visit the Pink Pig and my Etsy and have a look as they are a perfect way to add some Old Word charm to your home decor.

Oh and if you would love to share your collection with me.... then please do as I love collecting Cherubs!