Monday, March 29, 2010

More Finds For The Farmhouse - The Comfort of the Past

I found a few new pieces in my travels this past week that I thought I would share. Each have a true sense of comfort from the past. I am always attracted to things that show wear, choosing the rough over the pristine every time. I prefer furniture that shows it has not been influenced by worldly style or fashion.

My time spent in this rural countryside, surrounded by wonderful farmhouses and cottages, has taught me the true sense of country living.  It's funny how I find inspiration in vistas others might regard as mundane.

I am enamored with jelly cabinets, hutches, tables and folk art pieces made for local use on the farm. So long ago and far away from the cities and towns where carpenters and cabinet makers toiled in more formal traditions.

I hope you enjoyed my Farmhouse Finds and you will visit often as I share with you my sense of Country Living!