Monday, January 25, 2010

A View From The Farmhouse

I woke up this morning with many things to be thankful for. This is the view from our farmhouse which we had purchased here in Westport, NY four years ago today. The home sits on 4.5 acres and each morning I awake to this fabulous view of the mountains.....I am thankful.

I love being part of a small community....where the bank calls to wish you a Happy Birthday ( I had one on the 21st) the local general store saves you a copy of the newspaper each morning and the folks in this town all wave and give you a happy Good Morning each day. Folks here still go to the Phone Company to pay their bills.Volunteer Fireman, who all have paying jobs, drop everything when in need and the local Shop Owners strive to be the best and bring their services in a kind and courteous atmosphere. Even the local SPCA here goes above and beyond to find homes for homeless pets.

Today also is the anniversary of my decision to leave a Wall Street position in Manhattan to pursue a new career selling Antiques. I left a cushy Wall Street job after 28 years where my hectic day was spent with sometimes two phones up to my ear for ten hours selling bonds to corporations all over the world, traveling, traveling and more traveling and having more cocktails with colleagues and friends than I care to remember. It was an amazing ride, for someone like me who grew up in middle America and had no clue what a stock or bond was when I started my career. I was very fortunate and yes I am Very Thankful.

Today I spend my time photographing this amazing part of the world I now live in....running my Antique Shop in town along with my online business, waving to farmers as they pass by on their tractors, volunteering my time for local events here in town and waking up each morning where the first words on my mind are "I am Thankful".