Saturday, January 30, 2010

Valentines Day - So many ways to say "I Love You"

Love Is A Vintage Heart

Love is authentic.  Love is one of a kind.  Love is simply romantic.  And so are the Vintage Tin Heart ornaments at the Pink Pig.  Send an alternative Valentine this year; a pretty keepsake that will last a lifetime.
Our Vintage Tin Heart ornaments are hand cut from antique ceiling tin from the 1900's and adorned with antique crystal chandelier prisms.  We tied on sweet grosgrain ribbon for hanging these carefully crafted adornments.  Hang these charming hearts wherever you want to warm up a corner or catch a ray of sunshine.

Unlike the latest i-gadget, or the most recent trend in jewelry, our Vintage Tin Hearts will never go out of style.  The classic heart design and simple, but elegant crystals complement any space in the home.  Choose rich gold hearts for a more traditional look, or steely gray antique tin for a sleek modern feel.  Displayed in a window, hanging from an ornament stand, or adorning a piece of furniture, these hearts add character in any season.

This Valentines Day, forget the tired box of candy, the chocolate-covered strawberry standbys, or the traditional dozen roses.  Start a new tradition with our Vintage Tin Hearts.  Because they are handmade, each ornament is unique.  Made from ornate antique ceiling tin, each heart has its own personality.  Perhaps one will remind you of your own story, and of a special someone you want to celebrate this Valentines Day.  For many it is a soul mate, a lover.  But don't forget about the other loves in your life ... the mother who nurtured you, or the best friend who is always there.

Whether your love is fresh and new, or old and steady, give a gift that conveys the timelessness of your love. 


Monday, January 25, 2010

A View From The Farmhouse

I woke up this morning with many things to be thankful for. This is the view from our farmhouse which we had purchased here in Westport, NY four years ago today. The home sits on 4.5 acres and each morning I awake to this fabulous view of the mountains.....I am thankful.

I love being part of a small community....where the bank calls to wish you a Happy Birthday ( I had one on the 21st) the local general store saves you a copy of the newspaper each morning and the folks in this town all wave and give you a happy Good Morning each day. Folks here still go to the Phone Company to pay their bills.Volunteer Fireman, who all have paying jobs, drop everything when in need and the local Shop Owners strive to be the best and bring their services in a kind and courteous atmosphere. Even the local SPCA here goes above and beyond to find homes for homeless pets.

Today also is the anniversary of my decision to leave a Wall Street position in Manhattan to pursue a new career selling Antiques. I left a cushy Wall Street job after 28 years where my hectic day was spent with sometimes two phones up to my ear for ten hours selling bonds to corporations all over the world, traveling, traveling and more traveling and having more cocktails with colleagues and friends than I care to remember. It was an amazing ride, for someone like me who grew up in middle America and had no clue what a stock or bond was when I started my career. I was very fortunate and yes I am Very Thankful.

Today I spend my time photographing this amazing part of the world I now live in....running my Antique Shop in town along with my online business, waving to farmers as they pass by on their tractors, volunteering my time for local events here in town and waking up each morning where the first words on my mind are "I am Thankful".


Friday, January 22, 2010

Decorating your farmhouse - unique finds for every room in your home

I came back from a recent buying trip with some unique vintage decor to add some charm in your country home. No farmhouse would be complete without the charm of a true antique farm table, and these are straight from the farm here in Upstate New York, complete with their years of worn and wonderful patina on original barnwood frames.

Cottage dressers with their original county charm in colorful paint with original brass hardware. A sweet painted bookcase with layers of time is perfect for displaying all your collectibles.

We love old wire baskets as a great way to store all your kitchen goodies.

We love the idea of mixing old with new, and our new French Rooster towels are available in fabulous color choices. Our new Rustic Burlap collection features large pillows, bolsters with Grain Sack Graphic and our new Jute Woven rugs with French graphics.

We hope you enjoy the collection - and make sure to pay a visit to my Etsy Shop for more vintage finds for the home.

Until My Next Road Trip,


Wednesday, January 20, 2010

And the winner is... Kajsa!!

Thank you so much to all of you who participated in the Win a Fabulous and Fashionable Calendar contest!!!
Kajsa, please visit our site and click on the contact us link to submit your mailing info!


Monday, January 18, 2010

Got Ruffles?

We were so inspired by all the romance and layers of soft feminine ruffles on the Red Carpet at the Golden Globe Awards, we decided to show off our new Romantic Collection. Featuring our pretty pillows with soft ruffles, hand printed with a French Inspired motif, these romantic pillows are available in both white or ivory.

View our French Inspired Pillow Collection

This bedroom-transforming collection is pure romance! Beautiful simplicity with easy care. This bedroom collection is made up of 100% muslin cotton with layers of gauze ruffles. A perfect choice for the Shabby Chic Bedroom.

Duvet Cover:
100% cotton muslin duvet cover with gorgeous ruffle trim. An ingeniously pretty gauze-tied closure means no more fiddling with buttons.

Euro Shams:
These 26" Euro pillow shams with 5" ruffle trim with tie closure are a calming addition to any bed.

Standard Shams:
These standard shams with 5" ruffle trim and gauze-tied closure.

View our Romantic Bedding Collection.

We hope this collection inspired you to add some romance to your bedroom decor. It's so easy to bring the glamour and romantic ruffles into your life. Tell us about your favorite Red Carpet dress. Be inspired!


Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Louis Icart - A Romantic Artist for the French Inspired

Looking for some French inspiration for those lonely white walls?

French Inspired home decor has been in the air lately, so I though I would share with you a few works of art by Louis Icart from my personal collection.

Having lived in Philadelphia in the 1980's, I stumbled into the I. Brewster & Company Gallery one rainy afternoon. The gallery is known worldwide as one of the primary sources for Louis Icart works. Hence my love affair began with one of the most romantic artists I had ever seen.

Louis Icart was born in Toulouse, France where he began drawing at a very early age. He was particularly interested in fashion and worked for many design studios at a time when fashion was undergoing a radical change from the fussiness of the late 19th century to simple lines of the early 20th century. In 1914 he met Fanny Volmers, an 18 year old blond who at the time was an employee of the fashion house Paquin. She would eventually become his wife, model and a source of artistic inspiration for the rest of his life.

Icart's portrayal of women is usually sensuous, often erotic, yet always with an element of humor, which is as important as the implied or direct sexuality. Their facial expressions project passion, dismay or surprise, for the women of Louis Icart are the women of France as we have imagined them to be. Eve, Leda, Venus, and Joan of Arc, all wrapped up into an irresistible package.

This spring the Pink Pig will feature a selection of Louis Icart prints in hope that they will bring some inspiration to your walls.