Monday, November 16, 2009

Royal Apothic: queenly indulgences

Ever dreamed of what it would be like to be queen in some far-off country? Strolling through blossoming orange groves, curling up to read in asumptuous velvet armchair in front of a crackling fire, or breathing in the scents of your very own cutting garden, complete with boxwood mazes and night-blooming roses?

These are the experiences that Royal Apothic has distilled into their incredible candles and interior perfumes. Now you can take home the smells and sensations that were once reserved for royalty of centuries past - because Royal Apothic has arrived at The Pink Pig!

Each scent begins as a memory or long-forgotten apothecary recipe, and is then modernized and wrapped up in a gorgeous frosted glass wrapping. Choose from Venetian Grove, Topiary, Japonesque, Cutting Garden, or High Tea.

As seen in the November issue of Oprah magazine, these sophisticated and complex scents are like snapshots of sovereign luxury from the 1800s. Pick your favorite fantasy: Venetian Grove, Attar of High Tea, Japonesque, or Edwardian Fireplace.