Wednesday, October 21, 2009

A "Walk For The Cure" - A Small Town with a Large Heart

Each year the Pink Pig sponsors a "Walk For The Cure" in the town of Westport, NY to promote Breast Cancer Awareness. This blog post is about a small town with a large heart and to honor my friend Honora Carpenter, who passed away in the spring of this year.

Honora visited my shop one day in the summer of 2006 to welcome me to the community. Having lived in Manhattan for over 20 years, I was so taken aback by her warm welcome and her burst of energy...not to mention the fact that she entered my store all decked out in pink!

Honora asked me if I would help her organize a walk in town in October to promote Breast Cancer Awareness, a cause that was important to her as she had been battling the disease for the past 5 years. I agreed with much enthusiasm, and we both ran out placing flyers in the post office, the local general store and on any visible telephone pole we could find in hopes that we could gather a crowd to show up to do a three mile walk.

We set up on Walk Day with pink balloons and Tshirts, and to our excitement, we had 65 women show up to take that 3 mile walk, which ended at our fairgrounds. Honora led the charge in a golf
cart as she was unable to walk the distance - yet her love for her friends who came out that day to support our cause was overwhelming. I gave her a vintage pink velvet hat from the shop to wear, and it became a staple piece for years to follow.

In the spring of this year I had to say goodbye to my dear friend Honora. We spent some time time together before she passed away and spoke of how important it was that our mission to bring awareness to a small town should go on. I told my dear friend that I would not drop the ball. I miss my friend..... I miss everything about her. I understand now at the age of 54 what having a close friend means and how amazing it is that I managed to capture that in a small town in such a short amount of time. I cry and smile each day as our walk approaches and hope she will smile when Sunday arrives and we will once again walk our 3 miles in support of such a very important cause. Each year the crowd gets larger, with last year having 200 people "Walk for The Cure".

In honor and memory of my friend Honora Carpenter, I will wear the pink velvet hat and lead the charge to a "Walk for the Cure" to promote Breast Cancer Awareness! All monies raised will support our Fitzpatrick Cancer Center located in Plattsburgh, NY in memory of our friend Honora Carpenter.

At The Pink Pig, we will also be donating 50% of all proceeds from the sale of our new signature soy candle scent, Vintage Christmas, to the Fitzpatrick Cancer Center. Click here to purchase a yummy-smelling candle and to help us move towards a cure for breast cancer!