Thursday, October 8, 2009

Decorating with feed sacks

One of the most unique and charming collections to hit The Pink Pig lately is our collection of feed sack decor! These chairs, pillows and rugs get their charm from antique grain sacks (the real deal!), and each is completely one of a kind. There are SO many ways that you can work them into your home, no matter your style. Here are a few ideas.

For a "home sweet home" country look, try one of these:

For a rustic cabin decor look, try one of these:

For a French-inspired look, how about:

Our stunning feed sack chairs (antique French chairs upholstered using European grain sack fabric)

Our grain sack rug (hand-printed with a vintage grain sack design from a 19th century print!)

Our Bastide pillow set (regal French motif pillows with linen backing)

We love that modern decor can start with the farms of days gone by! If you love the look of our feed sack chairs, we should tell you that we're cooking up some new and exciting ways to decorate furniture using grain sack fabric. Watch this space for more as it comes in!