Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Calling all fashionistas...

They're here: the ultimate home accents for fans of haute couture! We've just added six new items to our selection of Wall Decor at The Pink Pig, and if you like fashion, you're going to love these.

If you have a big wall to fill, one of our retro wood-framed COUTURE magazine covers (shown above) could be the perfect fit. Choose a pink, blue, or black distressed frame to complement any room.

These are genuine vintage magazine covers that showcase the fashion of the moment from their respective eras. The pink-framed one is from 1962, the blue-framed one is from 1947, and the black-framed one (my personal favorite, with its amazing Caribbean backdrop) is from 1951. Pick the decade that speaks to you!

Or, if you need something more demure in scale (maybe to go in a powder room or laundry room?) we have three additional stunning COUTURE magazine covers that are crisply mounted on board and strung through with gorgeous satin ribbon for hanging. I personally love the "red hat" print. The cranberry ribbon feels just right for fall.

Check out the whole collection right here!