Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Tat 2 You

Fall has arrived here in Westport New York, and with the change of seasons comes cozy sweaters begging to be paired with amazing jewelry! That's why we're eagerly awaiting a big shipment from Los Angeles based Tat2 Designs.

Created by BFA graduate Briana, each is a little piece of mixed metal heaven. Every pair of earrings, necklace, and bracelet is individually hand-cast and then finished for a uniquely antiqued look. Whether your taste is more Victorian or ancient Egypt, this line has a sparkly little thing to suit your style.

Take Tat2's "Charmed Life" line. Each keepsake bracelet comes mounted on a creamy piece of paper that explains the symbolism of the image on the charm (Protective Eye, Circle, Knot, Coin, or Bird). These make beautifully gifts with a mysterious Da Vinci Code-esque flair.

Or, on the hunt for something that's going to catch the light at that dinner party you have planned? Their long necklaces and coin bracelets are just the thing.

Tat2 should arrive at The Pink Pig any day now, so if you want to grab a few pieces for yourself, you don't have long to wait! Just pop into our Jewelry section to see the full collection.

Monday, September 28, 2009

Rub a dub dub...

If you think soap has been done to death, you haven't met the Uptown Soap Company. Not only are their products paraben and SLS-free, they're also cute as all get-out! Here's what you have to choose from at The Pink Pig:

Jar Soaps: Adorable little jars filled with 24 miniature leaf-shaped soaps. (If you need to restock your handwashing station for fall, this is the way to do it. So seasonal!) We've got the Jar Soaps in Wild Rose, Anjou Pear, or Mandarin Orange.

Two-Sided Soaps: Combining two deliciously complementary scents and colors into one bar, these look beautiful in your soap dish. Don't be surprised if you catch your guests sneaking off to the powder room to sample both sides. Available in Rose and Orange, Vanilla and Pear, or Currant and Verbena.

Vintage Soaps: White-as-snow bars that eco queens will love! These soaps contain all-natural vegetable oils and no dyes whatsoever. Elegant, understated black and white packaging made from recycled paper. Choose from Citrus Fig, Black Currant, Sweet Violets, and Anjou Pear.

ALL the Uptown Soap company soaps are handmade in small batches in NYC (so if you know The Story of The Pink Pig, you know why we love 'em!).

Get yours now so that you always have an imaginative hostess gift on hand!

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Calling all fashionistas...

They're here: the ultimate home accents for fans of haute couture! We've just added six new items to our selection of Wall Decor at The Pink Pig, and if you like fashion, you're going to love these.

If you have a big wall to fill, one of our retro wood-framed COUTURE magazine covers (shown above) could be the perfect fit. Choose a pink, blue, or black distressed frame to complement any room.

These are genuine vintage magazine covers that showcase the fashion of the moment from their respective eras. The pink-framed one is from 1962, the blue-framed one is from 1947, and the black-framed one (my personal favorite, with its amazing Caribbean backdrop) is from 1951. Pick the decade that speaks to you!

Or, if you need something more demure in scale (maybe to go in a powder room or laundry room?) we have three additional stunning COUTURE magazine covers that are crisply mounted on board and strung through with gorgeous satin ribbon for hanging. I personally love the "red hat" print. The cranberry ribbon feels just right for fall.

Check out the whole collection right here!