Monday, August 24, 2009

The Pink Pig Part Two!

Just in case you can’t get enough of the Pink Pig – I’m happy to announce that we’ve opened our very own Etsy boutique! It’s called Comfort Cottage, and it’s a home for some of the most lovely cushions and small decorative items that I find in my travels. I’m especially excited about our pillows, made from antique fabrics for a look that literally NO ONE else will have.

Here are a few of the goodies currently available at Comfort Cottage on Etsy:
- 1930s Faux Crocodile Handbag Clock: A fashionista’s dream timepiece!

- Art Deco Lamp Set: Who wouldn’t want these two dancing ladies flanking their bed?

- Vintage Atomic Barkcloth Eames Era Pillow: flawless in a retro-styled home, or as a subtle mid-century accent in a modern one.

So, are any of you on Etsy? I’d love it if you added us to your favorites!

Click here to visit Comfort Cottage and check out what’s on offer. Lots of vintage-y finds await!