Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Mixed media mermaids by Laurie Beth Giacumbo

Who wouldn't want one of these sparkly, sassy mermaids hanging on their wall? Upbeat and whimsical, each features a saucily boozy element, whether it's a glistening martini in "Dinner is Poured" or a festive bottle of chardonnay in "Wedding Day".

The mermaids are the brainchild of artist Laurie Beth Giacumbo (just "Beth" to her friends). Born and raised at the Jersey Shore, Laurie was taking art lessons at an early age. A course in Collage for Fashion Merchandising led to a career as a bartender (go figure), but her love for art endured even while she was busy slinging drinks. After moving in to a townhouse on the beach with her wonderfully encouraging husband, she started painting everything - floors, walls, and furniture - and mermaids turned out to be a recurring theme. As Laurie puts it, "They're happy, silly, and lots of fun."

Laurie's sea sirens are crafted from paper, paint, pastels, die cuts, and glitter (ALWAYS lots of glitter). As Beth says: "they're made with love and laughter, and frequently a glass of merlot!"

Pick your favorite and give her a home in your bathroom, kitchen, or bedroom. Click the links below to see them all:
- "Cheers"
- "Cindy"
- "Sunny"