Sunday, February 8, 2009

Farmhouse Style Living Simple and Easy

Few dreams of home are as pure and sweet as life in the country. Casual does not have to mean sloppy and beautiful "country" design depends on
the country you're talking about. A well designed anything, made by hand with care, beats out everything made any other way.

I took a few more photos of the barn and an inside peek of what the carriage house, which is the Pink Pig, looked like this past season.

I love mirrors! The larger the better! So we placed this large 7x5 foot mirror against the far wall to capture some of the old with the new. This charming sofa was new, but I found a way to surround it with old pieces we found at a nearby farmhouse which was filled with treasures of the past. I love the old coffee table with it's old chair rail legs and painted green top.

Morning sun pours through the windows of the second floor of the carriage house which is filled with antique iron beds with wonderful vintage quilts that sing to each other across the room and are cherished by me for the graceful connection to the past.

My favorite barn is this small yellow barn which originally was a Blacksmith Shop on the property. In the summer months it is surrounded by beautiful wild flowers which grow taller year after year.

I have been busy this month searching for new items of interest for the stores so I hope you will visit again soon as I am just finishing up some wonderful pieces of Victorian Wicker which will be on the site soon!