Friday, January 9, 2009

A Farmhouse Style Classic - The Antique Hoosier

So what is a Hoosier Cabinet anyway? A true farmhouse piece for any country kitchen is the Hoosier Cabinet and has become a highly sought-after antique. The Hoosier Manufacturing Company was founded in the late 1800's in Indiana. Their design of taking a baker's cabinet into a compact design became very popular. Hoosier Cabinets were mostly sold between 1900 and 1930's and believed to be invented by J.S. McQuinn in 1899. Most cabinets had numerous drawers and doors including racks and large bins for storing flour and sugar.

If you are remodeling an old Victorian or early 20th Century home, look for authentic kitchen furnishings like this Hoosier Cabinet which just arrived at the Pink Pig. Find some old containers in glass or Jadeite to complete your look. We gave this original piece some loving care and gave it a new coat of paint. This piece has the original hardware and enamel top. What do you think? Can you picture this classic beauty in your Farmhouse Kitchen?