Saturday, April 23, 2011

I Miss My Mary Jane's

Easter time as a young girl i always remember one thing.... my new pair of Mary Jane's.  I remember going to Buster Brown when i was little with Mom and picking out my favorite pair.  I remember the wanting and waiting ... opening that shoe box and dreaming of me in my new Mary Jane's for Easter....

Mary Jane was a character created by Richard Outcault for his comic strip, Buster Brown, which was first published in 1902. She was the sister of the title character, Buster Brown.
In 1904, Outcault traveled to the St. Louis World's Fair and sold licenses to up to 200 companies to use the Buster Brown characters to advertise their products. Among them was the Brown Shoe Company, who later hired actors to tour the country, performing as the Buster Brown characters in theaters and stores. This strategy helped the Brown Shoe Company become the most prominently associated brand with the Buster Brown characters. The style of shoe both Buster Brown and Mary Jane wore came to be known by her name, Mary Jane.

Here is what my favorite pair looked like....

 It's funny the things you remember growing up - for me Easter was not about the chocolate bunny or the Easter Egg Hunt at the local church... For me it was all about that new pair of Mary Jane's.

So please do tell are you wearing your Easter outfit this weekend and if so tell me about those new pair of shoes!

Happy Easter from the Pink Pig!