Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Winter Carnival In The Adirondack's

It's carnival time here in the Adirondack's.  I saw this photo today taken by Mark Kurtz who is a free lance photographer here in the North Country and thought i would share with you.

Saranac Lake is a historial, cultural and artistic hub of the Adirondack's nestled between Tupper Lake and Lake Placid.  A host to a variety of fantastic events, the week-long Saranac Lake Winter Carnival is the oldest winter carnival in the United States.  Now celebrating its 114th anniversary, the Carnival began as a one-day event to break the monotony of the long Adirondack winter and has now grown into a 10-day festival.

Winter Carnival - photo credit Mark Kurtz

In 1898, members of the Pontiac Club, a winter sports club founded by several men (one of whom was Dr. Edward L. Trudeau) supported the idea of building an ice palace.  As the goal of this club was to encourage good health practices and take advantage of the rugged climate, a winter carnival and the building of an ice palace clearly helped meet these objectives. 

Each year, the Palace rises proudly by the shore of Lake Flower.  End of Carnival is marked by a slide show of the many events which take place during this great winter celebration. 

If you would like to see more of this fantastic event - please visit Saranac Lake Winter Carnival

Who says snow has to be boring?  Come visit us in the Adirondack's and see this amazing little piece of what i call heaven that i am proud to be a part of!

(Article abstracted from Adirondack Ice, a Cultural and Natural History, by Caperton Tissot)