Sunday, November 9, 2008

Positive Tees Support Important Causes

Chimpanzee TShirt by Positive Tee

Chimpanzees manage to blur the line between the human and animal world. Chimpanzees have distinct personalities, rational and problem solving abilities, show altruism and even the ability to think abstractly.

Sadly, only about 150,000 chimpanzees remain in the wild, where 2 million lived in 1900. The threats to chimpanzees are numerous, and the need to save them urgent. They offer man a critical link to the past and are far too important not to be included in the future.

Elephant Wisdom TShirt by Positive Tee

African & Asia are home to about 485,000 wild elephants. Families of elephants roam for miles each day searching for food & water. Their complex social units last a lifetime. Elephants are intelligent & compassionate. They care for their sick & they mourn their dead.

Be contrast, hundreds of individual elephants endure the alien, unnatural conditions of American zoos & circuses. Confined in tiny, solitary enclosures—it’s hard to imagine what life for a captive elephant is like. Born Free USA works tirelessly to conserve wild elephants & end elephant captivity.

Defending Our Oceans TShirt by Positive Tee

The oceans are in crisis. Global warming is killing coral reefs. Industrial fishing is depleting entire species. Chemicals & pollutants can be found in the most remote seas.

Greenpeace is committed to defending the health of the world’s oceans and the plants, animals and people that depend upon them. It holds governments & corporations responsible for criminal degradation. It works to find solutions to global environmental issues. Greenpeace campaigns for a green and peaceful future, and to preserve the cradle of all life on earth.

100% Organic Cotton
1x1 Fine Pima
Scoop neck, flare sleeve
Minimal Shrinkage
True to Size
Available in Small, Medium and Large
Available at the Pink Pig.