Thursday, July 24, 2008

Westport Chair

I live in the town the first Adirondack chairs, called Westport chairs, were originally named after. In Blue Mountain Lake, New York, the Adirondack Museum proudly preserves the Adirondack chair's interesting history.

In 1905, Harry Bunnell secured a patent for one of the most recognizable furniture pieces ever.  Harry Bunnell's Westport Adirondack chair became popular all around the region. Over a twenty year period, Bunnell experimented with some variations on the original. Bunnell's chairs were made of hemlock, painted in either dark brown or green, and signed by the carpenter himself. Today, Bunnell's original chairs come at a hefty price, about $1,200 each (Bunnell sold them for around $4.00).

I personally own an original Westport chair pictured above.  This beautiful piece of furniture, with its supportive back and wide arms may have seen changes in the last 100+ years, but it's still a favorite for porches everywhere.