Friday, July 18, 2008

Cottage Farm Soap

Cottage Farm Soap - Made with 100% vegetable and seed oils such as olive oil, sesame seed, soybean, coconut and apricot. Infused with premium oils like jojoba, wheat germ, rose hip and calendula. These oils are used for their soothing healing properties.Choose your Soap

Baby Don't Cry - Softens tender sensitive skin. Lightly scented with lavender & jojoba infused with chamomile and shea butter for extra nourishment.

Plain Jane - Vanilla soap is relaxing and calming. Made with Peru Balsam essential oils and Dragon's Blood - both know for their healing properties.

Sow your Oats - Oatmeal soap is mild and exfoliating for all skin types. Contains apricot & wheat germ oils, high in vitamins E & C. Unscented

Rise & Shine - Peppermint soap is a great body soap for waking up the senses and soothing for tired feet. Minty peppermint and healing tea tree essential oils.
Available at the Pink Pig.